Beads, Booze and Breasts

Over the weekend I covered something that I’ve kind of been nervous about covering for the last two years. The annual street festival known as Muncie Gras. That my friends, is exactly what it sounds like: Muncie’s version of New Orleans annual pre-Lent party. Granted, Muncie Gras doesn’t base its date on any religious holidays but it follows the same premise. A lot of alcohol plus beads and flashing equals fun for party goers.

I’m actually pretty happy with how these photos turned out, considering I had to shoot basically all the shots with a slowed shutter and flash, something that I’ve never really done. But, I feel like they turned out pretty well, maybe a little over/under exposed on some shots, but for the most part I think it turned out well.

Now, for you younger viewers I will say, one of these photos does involve nudity so there’s your warning on that. Besides that, hope you enjoy that shots.

Light Up the Night

I’m finally catching up! My latest venture was a short multimedia piece over “Light Up the Night”, an event hosted by the suicide prevention group at Ball State. I didn’t really plan on making a multimedia piece out of this and so I took no equipment that would really be useful in doing so, besides my DSLR. Luckily, the photographer shadowing me that night happened to bring a DSLR that is able to record video and I hijacked it from her to make the piece. Personally, I find the background noise to be a little distracting. And, the white balance is definitely off in the video. But, on the plus side, I’m glad with the stability of the video considering I didn’t have a tripod and was simply holding the camera with two hands. Hope you enjoy it.

Light Up The Night from Ball State Student Media on Vimeo.