The First Month In Frankfort

Awhile back I informed you dear readers that I would be moving to Frankfort, Kentucky to join my friend Dylan at the State Journal. Since then, I have moved away from Nebraska, started my position at the State Journal, moved down my girlfriend and taken a lot of photos. 

I have to say, despite how much I enjoyed Nebraska, the move to Kentucky has been nothing but a blessing. When I moved to Nebraska City I was basically moving into a position that saw me throwing a lot of things out the window. I would no longer be a photojournalist, I would be a writer. And I was moving to a town where I was basically the only person my age without a criminal record. 

The move to Frankfort has allowed me to fall back into photojournalism, the thing I got my degree in, moved me closer to home (a simple two hour drive compared to the 10+ hours it took to get to Indiana from Nebraska City) and gotten me closer to my friends (it’s amazing what simply being able to hang out with someone and watch a movie will do for your spirits). 

Since moving I’ve mostly covered local events but I did get to shoot the PGA Championship a couple weeks ago and I have to say, it was very exciting to get back into the arena of “big event photography” which is something that I hadn’t done since graduating from Ball State a couple years ago. 

At any rate, here are some of my favorites from the last month and a half. Hope you enjoy them. 

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