It’s Cold

Right now, the Midwest is experiencing a crazy cold spell. With some places in Indiana getting over a foot of snow and temperature dropping into the negatives. While I’m not getting as much snow as that, the temperature is certainly cold. So, I thought I’d grab a quick photo tonight. Hope you enjoy it.

It's cold and dark out there.

It’s cold and dark out there.

That “Uh Oh” Moment

A great photograph captures a special moment in time. While this photo may not be great, I think it captures a fun moment. It’s that moment where two human beings have that thought in their mind of “oh, this is going to suck”. 

Any photographer who spends a decent amount of time shooting sports will tell you that at some point, you’re going to have to dodge something. A ball, a ref running down the sideline and worst of all, a player. It’s simply a part of the job. And frankly, as long as my equipment comes out ok and I don’t take any injuries, I think it’s actually a fun part of the job. It definitely helps to break up the routine and it’s always nice to look over to the person next to you and see which one of you “chickened out” first by comparing how close the player was on your last frame. So, while covering a basketball game tonight, I experienced this moment. And as I said earlier, the photo is not great. But I like the moment. Hope you do as well. 



An Old Favorite

So a week back, or so, I found an old photo of mine that I’ve always liked and decided to make it my Twitter banner. Or whatever the term is. Anyway, I noticed that I’ve never posted it on my blog before. So here I am to rectify that. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present “The Disappointed Jockey”.


The Barr-Reeve Lady Vikings

Ever since I graduated from Ball State, I’ve been job searching. It’s not a fun process. Each interview is a glimmer of hope at the future that could be. And every turn down is an added voice to the chorus of “you’re not cut out for this profession”. Lately though, I’ve been afforded the chance of covering a local volleyball team, the Barr-Reeve Vikings, for a paper in my area, the Washington Times-Herald as a freelancer. Besides bringing me out of the depression that is sitting at my computer all day sending out job applications, covering the Vikings was interesting for me in the sense that it was almost like working on a documentary.

The first match I covered had the Vikings going up against their biggest rivals, the Loogootee Lions. I hadn’t seen a gym so packed since I had graduated from college and it really got me back into the spirit of photojournalism. I even took a few Instagram videos of it. The next match was the Vikings sectional match, again facing their long-time rivals. Then it was the regionals, the semi-state and finally the state championship at Ball State (I just can’t get away). I became such a staple at the Vikings’ matches I even had a parody Twitter account made about me by a Barr-Reeve student.

Obviously, I’m not going to post all the pictures I have of all those matches. But, I feel like I would be doing a disservice to the State Champs by not posting pictures of their journey to Muncie. So, the photos are a mix of all the different matches I covered as well as a video I made for the Times-Herald. Hope you enjoy them.

More Football

Besides the fact that the Ball State win over Kent State on Saturday was a super close game, which made for an exciting homecoming, I also found that I ended up liking a lot of my pictures. Call it nostalgia, call it the excitement of getting to go back and relive my college glory and see old friends (I guess that all counts as nostalgia…), or perhaps I just wanted to showcase some more of my work since I’m a little bored at the moment. Here are some more photos from the game. I almost feel a little tacky for making two different posts about the same game but I hope you will forgive me and hopefully the photos are good enough for such a thing. Enjoy.

Evansville Fall Fest

It’s been awhile, no worries. I’m still alive and kicking. I went down to the Evansville Fall Fest yesterday after a friend of mine told me how big of an event it was. I didn’t get as many pictures as I liked but I did get some good from-the-hip shots that I don’t think are too bad. Hope you enjoy, and expect a sports photo post coming up soon.

Summer Fun

I have been having a super busy summer since my last post. Three weddings, one that I photographed, one that I traveled to Texas for and another that I was a groomsman in. Not to mention the freelance work I’ve been doing and all of the time I’ve been putting into job searching. So, I’ve gotten myself a couple of pictures that I’d like to post for you during that time. They’re a mix of different things that I’ve been shooting over the past month or so. Hope you like them.