A Couple of Cool Things.

Well, I’m back after a little break. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve done some interesting things. I have more pictures to post but I’ll warm up this morning by posting an article I wrote after doing a question and answer session with a member of the iconic Blue Man Group.  And a video that I made for Ash Wednesday. Sorry for the crappy audio, but I didn’t really plan on the video, it just sort of worked out that way as the day went along. More to come throughout the day.

The Burning Question about Christopher Dorner

  1. It’s not news to anyone that the internet is a breeding ground for crazy conspiracy theories. Probably the most annoying one in the past couple of months was the theory floating around the internet that the shootings in Newtown, Conn. where actually a staged event by President Barack Obama and his cronies to push gun control. It’s usually at this point that I’d post a link to some YouTube video giving an example of what I’m talking about, but I’m not going to give those guys any more recognition than I already have. 

    At any rate, because of the internet’s ability to spread information quickly, at times as it’s actually happening, it’s no surprise that there is yet another conspiracy spreading across the web, that the police officers involved in the killing of former Los Angeles Police Officer Christopher Dorner intentionally set fire to the cabin that he was holding out in. Eventually, leading to his death. 
  2. if you haven’t heard of Christoph Dorner yet …don’t believe what the news is telling you about him.
  3. Now, it’s important to state that there are two sides to the Chris Dorner story when it comes to the internet right now. A bit of which can be seen in the tweets and Facebook statuses above. One, is that the police intentionally set fire to the cabin that Dorner was occupying. Second, that Dorner was in fact justified in his actions. As a journalist, I attempt to stay objective when it comes to the news, but I’m going to openly admit that I had nothing but distaste for Dorner’s actions. 

    Whether he was falsely fired from the LAPD or not, murder is never a solution. I do not think he was innocent and I do not think that he should be treated as anything but a criminal. But that’s my opinion. 

    It’s true that Dorner’s actions put a much needed spotlight onto the ever troubled LAPD.  
  4. And, it’s obvious that the supporters of Dorner’s are drawing on frustration with corrupt law enforcement. But, this is not the issue I’ve come to talk about. I’m much more interested in the media coverage of the final stand-off between Dorner and law officials. 

    All across the internet people are talking about audio obtained from the San Bernardino police scanner. The audio was linked to the social site Reddit, where it reached the front page. 
  5. And now, YouTube videos have been popping up with the same, and extended, audio tracks. 
  6. So far, the evidence seems rather damning. Officers can be heard multiple times stating that they planned to set the cabin on fire and that they planned to guard all exits, essentially trapping Dorner in the blaze. There have been some comments I’ve seen stating that “burners”, a word used frequently in the audio of the police scanner, are actually references to smoke bombs. But, very few people seem to be picking up on this idea. 

    Whether police set fire to the cabin with the intention of killing Dorner or simply smoking him out; or, if they even set fire to the cabin at all is a question that should be answered. The problem however, is that few media sources seem to be covering the issue. At least, few media outlets that are seen as “hard-hitting” and “trustworthy”. 
  7. Now, before anyone starts accusing me of being mean to the Huffington Post, one of their reporters did win a Pulitzer after all. Let me just show you a couple of the articles on their front page at the time I’m writing this: 
  8. While other news organizations are reporting on the story: The Daily Beast, Fox News, The Guardian and the Telegraph. I have yet to see anything from the larger newspapers and broadcast channels in the U.S. regarding the story. The New York Times has been silent on the issue. So has USA Today. And while CNN has made mention of the controversy, they have not put forth any story leading with the idea that Dorner may have been roasted on purpose. 

    To me, this is a shame. Journalist took a hard hit in terms of PR after the Newtown shootings. Several reports with incorrect information and the interviewing of children as they left the school did nothing to boost the public’s view of us. 
    I feel that this story should be addressed the larger media organizations. There is anger over this issue and if the media stays silent on it then there will, in my opinion, be the inevitable backlash of saying that the media is attempting to hide facts from the public.  

Doing a Bit of Video

So, in an attempt to broaden my skills a bit, I’ve started shooting short videos at the events I cover. Nothing super fancy, but it’s a nice element that adds to the story. Here’s my latest attempt.



As I said, nothing fancy. But, with any luck this will help me build my skills in the future.