More Football

Besides the fact that the Ball State win over Kent State on Saturday was a super close game, which made for an exciting homecoming, I also found that I ended up liking a lot of my pictures. Call it nostalgia, call it the excitement of getting to go back and relive my college glory and see old friends (I guess that all counts as nostalgia…), or perhaps I just wanted to showcase some more of my work since I’m a little bored at the moment. Here are some more photos from the game. I almost feel a little tacky for making two different posts about the same game but I hope you will forgive me and hopefully the photos are good enough for such a thing. Enjoy.

Evansville Fall Fest

It’s been awhile, no worries. I’m still alive and kicking. I went down to the Evansville Fall Fest yesterday after a friend of mine told me how big of an event it was. I didn’t get as many pictures as I liked but I did get some good from-the-hip shots that I don’t think are too bad. Hope you enjoy, and expect a sports photo post coming up soon.